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Healthy is an outfit that looks different on everybody.

My built-for-you personal training program includes a personal coaching schedule,
motivational advice, and an optimized
nutrition guide.
New Year’s isn’t the only time you can set new goals for yourself, and honestly, setting realistic goals over time that you can achieve throughout the year can be more effective than setting one big goal at the start of the year. But why does it seem like it is so hard to meet even a simple goal; something as easy of going to the gym (or for a walk) once a day in order to improve your health?
Well, research has shown that many goals, resolutions, set purposes, and determination are broken because people think of who they will be at the end meeting a goal is a “future me”:
   • Future Me will be good at saving money
   • Future Me will run that marathon
   • Future Me will be more organized
   • Future Me will fit in that dress
   • Future Me will won’t be late
   • Future Me will eat healthier
“Future Me” doesn’t exist—or at least is perceived by your brain as a stranger, someone who isn’t actually you. Future Me is some other being your brain does not have a vested interest in.

So, will I ever meet my goals?

YES! Now that you know that your brain is quite literally working against you because of the way it perceives that future self, its best for you to change how you perceive Future You and your brain will follow suit. 

Future You and Present You have more in common than your brain may be able to perceive – Future You will still have the same weaknesses, desires, actions, or inactions when faced with a decision as you do right now—unless you do something now to change those behaviors or reactions.

How Susan Hunter Lifestyle Can Help “Future You” Become Just You

My purpose is to show you what your strengths are and the value you possess inside of yourself—and help you use those to take your life to the next level.
I’ll empower you to develop the skills and technique necessary to control your own physical, mental, and emotional health and achieve your goal. My personal training includes an array of coaching services:

 Personal Fitness Training

Specializing in weight-management, functional strength training, improving muscle strength and flexibility, Mat Pilates, and corrective exercise to address musculoskeletal pain and injury.

Learning Isha Yoga

Beginners to yoga can explore the benefits, techniques, and relaxation Isha Yoga has to offer.

Nutritional Coaching

Working around your lifestyle, schedule, and needs, I'll help to develop a plan for you full of healthy foods you actually enjoy eating.

Lifestyle Coaching

I provide a safe place where you can come and talk about your life’s issues and get a clear direction on how to move toward your better self.

Virtual Coaching or Training

Your schedule, distance from my facility, and timing don't have to stop you from achieving your goals. Enroll in my virtual training or coaching sessions and make changes no matter where you are!
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